For choosing proper Busbar Machine we need to consider below items.


-Capacity of machine

-Accuracy of busbar machine

-Speed of production

-Facility of busbar machine

-history of Busbar Machine manufacturer at service after sales.

we expect to have 3 main functions of bending, cutting, & punching at Busbar machines. But for professional  Busbar machine our expectation extend to several more items. At busbar bending station accuracy of final bend is too much important. regarding to the spring back principle, busbars open after Bending function according to the purity of copper, size of busbar and degree of bend so it is very important that bender has spring back compensations system and has repeatability for same degree of bends. in addition at production lines some time we need special bends which is not possible to do with normal bending head. Two closed bends, edge bend and twist bend are inquiries that possible with some special Busbar bending machines.

At punching section ability of punching for circle, Oval and rectangle holes are important.Central laser pointer and professional X & Y guides to find position of hole is critical point for save setting time. At cutter station edge of final cutting part is important for having 90 ‘edge without any damage scrap is necessary. If busbar cutting machine eliminate scrap it damage to edge of bus bar especially for size more than 5mm likeness and result is not acceptable. At the end layout of stations for be user friendly machine is significant. Three operator should work with professional busbar machine without disturbance to each other and have serrate space.

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